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Speaking English: How to say CH&SH

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http://www.engvid.com/ 'Ship' and 'chip' are two words that have very similar sounds! It is difficult to say SH and CH sounds because you may not have them as two different sounds in your language! Your lips and breath hold the key to mastering these two English sounds! In this pronunciation lesson, I'll help you improve your accent by teaching you how to make these sounds correctly.http://www.engvid.com/speaking-english-how-to-say-sh-ch/TRANSCRIPTHello. My name is Ronnie. It's nice to see you. That was very formal, very strange. What's happened to Ronnie? Today, we're going to do some pronunciation. I did it. I said the word correctly. I'm going to teach you how to say the difference between "ch" -- so CH -- and "sh", SH.I'm not 100 percent on how many people really have problems with this, but I do know that if you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and any other languages, you probably have trouble pronouncing these two words because -- or these two sounds -- because you don't have them in your language. So don't worry. I'm here to help you. But please practice. The only way that you're ever going to get this -- aces -- or get it well is by practicing. You've got to tell your mouth what to do. Okay? We're going to do some exercises to help you.The first sound is "ch", "ch". Think of a train, "Choo-choo!" So when you make the "ch" sound, you're going to bite the back of your teeth down, "ch". And your lips are going to be like so. Okay? It's like you want to show people your teeth, but at the back. The air is going to be pressed between the gap of your top and your bottom teeth. So it's "ch, ch, ch, ch, ch... Choo-choo!" So you can think of it like making a train noise. This word is "chair". Your turn. "Chair. Ch, ch, ch, chair."Then we have something delicious, "chip". Maybe you like potato chips, so you're going to say, "I'd like some potato ch, ch, ch, chips." You don't want to say "ship". You're not going to ask someone for a "potato ship". "Potato ship? What is -- a ship of potatoes? Would you like an entire ship of potatoes? That is a lot of potatoes." So you just want a "chip" or "chips". Delicious.Delicious. We have some "cheese". Again, the first part of this sound is the "ch, cheese". Good.The next word. This part on your face is called your "chin". "Ch, ch, chin". What's a "chair?" A "chair" is something that you can sit on. So this is a really good drawing of a "chair".Next word is what you do if you have gum or if you're eating something. Sorry, marker. You're going to "chew". "Ch, ch, ch, chew". We're almost done the "ch" sound.One thing that we had a long time ago when I was in school because I am so young is "ch, ch, ch, chalk". A while ago, we didn't have these beautiful colored markers. We had something called "chalk". Probably maybe when you were in school, the teacher had, not a whiteboard but a blackboard, and would write on a blackboard with something. That little thing is called "ch, ch, chalk". Good.So we've practiced the CH sound. Now, it is on to the "sh". I have done lessons before. So if you have problems with S and SH, please look on the website, www.engvid.com, and we have lessons on SH and S. But we're not doing that. What we're comparing is the CH and the S.When you make the SH sound, you're going to put your mouth like this. It's similar with the mouth with the CH. Except "sh", you have to blow air very quickly out of your mouth. So you're going to be like "sh". When I was a child and as I got older, people would always say, "Shh! Ronnie, stop talking." They wouldn't say, "Chh! Ronnie", they would say "shh". So the sounds are very similar, but the S is going to take more power from your stomach. So you're going to have to protect or say the "sh" stronger. So "ch" is like this, and this one is "sh". "Ch, ch, sh". This sound is much longer and stronger than this one. So let's go through the "sh" side.This word is "share". "Share" means if I have something and you don't have any, I will give you some; I will share with you. Okay? So you have to be careful, and you don't want to say "chair". "Can you chair with me?" "I don't think I know how to chair with someone. I can share with you, but I'm sorry, I do not know how to chair with you." This is a verb. "Chair" is a noun.

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